Moving away from Kubernetes

This Saturday we moved away from Kubernetes and in this blog post we want to explain how and why we did it.

How we did it

Of course we backed up the whole database and imported it to a new host. Since our media is stored in S3 we didn’t have to move this as well. After the database was imported to the new host I began installing to the new host and changing the .env vars to point to the new host. To be ultra safe I just ran a database migration, but for my luck there were no pending migrations.

Why we did it

The biggest problem with Kubernetes is performance. Without Kubernetes we reduced the memory overhead by 3 times! This means a drastical improvement from 12GB RAM in idle to 4GB. Of course this also affects load times and makes run much more fluid. This is why I recommend not to run or Mastodon in Kubernetes, it’s just slow.

Closing words runs a lot faster now and after 8 hours of pure back pain (because I can’t sit straight) I’m glad we did this change. I thank everyone who was patient during this huge migration and we’ll see us on the wired. Have a great weekend!