The months on (June 2020)

The development work is now over for June 2020 and we are ready to present everything that happened around to you. A lot of things happened and we don’t want you to miss out on all these important changes. Discuss

We opened up our first discussion forum for Having a forum has a few more advantages over a traditional social network. Posts can be indefinitely long and have even richer formatting options than we already have on our Mastodon instance. Also it allows us to quickly document important things that should be noted down for others to look at so they don’t miss out on other important things. This forum also has a link on the sidebar so it’s worth giving it a try. You will need a seperate account for it though, because we haven’t figured out yet how to use the forum software Flarum with our own custom OAuth2 provider we already have on

The rebirth of our merch store

Good news: we’re selling merch again. Now get your shirt and support us as well. Win-win. We’re also working on a new shirt which will be the first one with the second generation of clothing and having a full-size shirt print as well.

Going back to the good old days

We disabled whitelist mode and reverted the Android app to a web app. Disabling whitelist mode now should make more clients like Pinafore want to play well with again. The native Android app is now unmaintained, because we couldn’t keep up with all the upstream changes from Husky, so we will give that one into the hands of the community in case someone wants to maintain it.

A few little updates

We updated our notification sounds to match a new theme and made custom emojis a little bit bigger (tell us if they’re too big). Some fixes regarding the announcement mascot and emojis being cut off have been fixed. Also locked profiles should now show a lock next to the name again.