All Alternatives to Google products listed

All Alternatives to Google products listed

Listing all alternatives apps and services made by Google

Google searchDuckDuckGo
Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Calendar, Google ContactsNextcloud, DAVx⁵ (formerly Davdroid)
Google MapsOpenStreetMap
Google ChromeFirefox
Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google ContactsTutanota
Google+ (though it’s dead)Mastodon
Google PlayAurora, F-Droid
Google Adsense/AdwordsSponsors and Donations
Google Hangouts, Allo, DuoRiot/Matrix, XMPP/Jabber/Conversations, GNU Ring/Jami
Google AppsSimple Apps, MicroG and some apps mentioned above
AndroidFeature phone with nothing on it, LineageOS, Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS

Enjoy your life without Google 🙂

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