All Alternatives to Google products listed

Listing all alternatives apps and services made by Google

Google searchDuckDuckGo
Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Calendar, Google ContactsNextcloud, DAVx⁵ (formerly Davdroid)
Google MapsOpenStreetMap
Google ChromeFirefox
Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google ContactsTutanota
Google+ (though it’s dead)Mastodon
Google PlayAurora, F-Droid
Google Adsense/AdwordsSponsors and Donations
Google Hangouts, Allo, DuoRiot/Matrix, XMPP/Jabber/Conversations, GNU Ring/Jami
Google AppsSimple Apps, MicroG and some apps mentioned above
AndroidFeature phone with nothing on it, LineageOS, Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS

Enjoy your life without Google 🙂

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