Btw I use XMPP

Yes, I use XMPP now as my main communication platform next to e-mail (which you can either encrypt by using PGP with fingerprint 8A31 8CA0 1EA7 B381 or Tutanota) and this is fine for a couple of reasons.

However the reasons why I chose XMPP over any other messaging platforms are the following.

  • XMPP is fast and stays fast
  • XMPP servers don’t hog much memory
  • More clients available
  • It’s extensible thus enables 21st century communication
  • Also it’s very easy to set up a XMPP server

This sounded good to me which then made me jump on the XMPP hype train. 🚂

Also another reason why I chose XMPP is that a lot of people in the fediverse are also using this platform.

Ping me at [email protected] if you want. I am mostly online there.

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